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61. Thankful

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Now, we are back in Marianne's and Sven's home in Brisbane after a small tour around Australia and I ask Sven to do a short summary of his and Marianne's lives as missionaries.

"When I look back at Marianne's and my life, I am filled with deep gratitude to God that we had the opportunity to be part of His plan to bring people to faith in Him." Sven says and continues: "We ought to remember that God brought together two people who lived on opposite sides of the globe. He had patience with me when I was a bit stubborn sometimes but finally put me where He wanted me to be. In Papua New Guinea, we got to see how the gospel not only gave people a hope for eternity but also how it transformed entire communities. We got to see how salvation changed gangsters and thugs as well as law-abiding citizens. Warriors became peacemakers. To see children grow up in Christian homes and receive opportunities that they would never have had otherwise, has been a great pleasure.

Also in Central Asia, we experienced how the Word of God has the power to set people free from religious bondage. People, who were against everything relating to Christianity, got to experience Jesus as more than the Prophet, they had earlier understood Him to be. To see people totally changed spiritually, mentally, and even physically has been a great privilege.

God has a plan for everyone's life, but many might not take part of the plan since they do not submit to the will of God as shown in His Word, and accept Jesus as Lord over their lives. Imagine that I as a young man had the privilege of committing my life to God, allowing Him to have His way in my life, and thus experiencing His love changing me and those I had the privilege of reaching with the Gospel. Not everyone is called to become a pastor or missionary. We are however all called to be Christ's disciples wherever we are placed in society. God wants those who believe in Him to make a difference.

The most wonderful thing we have had the privilege of doing, is still the preaching of the gospel of salvation for everyone who believes. Through the preaching of the gospel people come to faith in Jesus Christ, and thereby find a hope for eternity. So many people put their faith in the material things of this world only, but as Paul is saying in 1 Cor 15:19 "if only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied" We are however privileged because our hope is eternal, and so is the hope of those who have believed our message of the gospel of salvation.

Marianne nods in agreement and I think that it is an amazing life they have had the privilege of living. Thank God that there are such workers in the vineyard of the Lord.


Sven and Marianne at Brisbane Airport, May 1, 2012

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