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1. Papua New Guinea April 2012

2. I will not cry if you get beaten to death

3. When imagination becomes reality

4. The church that was burnt down, but on the other hand was not

5. Innocently convicted

6. The “Skåne boy”

7. The girl from Norrland

8. The boy becomes a man

9. The country with the everlasting summer

10. Nurse Marianne

11. Jesus is alive and hears your prayer

12. Engineer Göransson

13. The return to Sweden

14. An agreement with God – regarding kisses

15. This is the man you will marry

16. Evangelist Göransson

17. Feelings and proposal

18. India, Pakistan or Australia?

19. Wedding, work and kids

20. Pakistan?

21. The Calling

22. To live in the calling

23. Ludvig and Hilding

24. The humble beginning

25. Mission or administration?

26. Goranssons, the missionary family

27. Vocational training centre

28. Healing or Hilding?

29. Baptized in the Spirit in a truck

30. The first years

31. "The stolen" churches

32. Preventive healthcare

33. The gangster who was ennobled

34. The path to the Assemblies of God

35. The Catholics who wanted to get baptized

36. Inadequate?

37. Destabilizing factors

38. Rebuild the wall of Jerusalem

39. Back in Papua New Guinea

40. At the last moment

41. To travel among arrows and spears

42. The peace baptism

43. The rescuing card

44. Mission conference in Sweden

45. An additional home

46. Papuans on the run

47. Is the missionary really to decide?

48. Women’s groups

49. Problem solving must take time

50. The women provided for the men

51. Bride price

52. One or several wives?

53. To get engaged

54. A Pentecostal movement starts to grow

55. Why?

56. Don’t want to leave Papua New Guinea

57. What does God intend to do now?

58. On our way towards a new mission quest

59. Mission: Central Asia

60. The Gospel to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

61. Thankful



       Butterfly on cracked façade, Papua New Guinea 2012


                              Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea, April 2012


        Service of the Keta-Koir, Papua New Guinea, April 2012


                  Play with the slingshot, Papua New Guinea, April 2012