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15. This is the man you will marry

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In the chapter "The return to Sweden", Marianne talks about how a man helps her to find a companion to share a home with. The man who made this all possible was in fact Sven's friend from Örebro. However, Sven had no knowledge of this little "story".

Marianne speaking: My friend had invited the man who arranged my living situation with her. Seemingly, they were a bit interested in each other. I had promised to show some slides from my new homeland and from Papua New Guinea.


Sven as a camp counselor at Blidö in the archipelago in 1966

I hear a knock and I move towards the door to open. Outside, stands a man (for me) totally unknown. At this very moment, I feel the Holy Spirit speaking to me: "This is the man you will marry." The man's opening phrase "What is the number and name of this woman?" doesn’t really confirm what I am experiencing so clearly through the Holy Spirit in that moment. But I remain silent and greet him welcome.

As Sven previously mentioned, we had coffee and looked at the slides. When the men went home, I told my friend: "I will marry that man." "You can’t just know something like that," was her comment. She was, Of course she was right to think that it was strange to come up with such a bold statement after having known Sven for a few hours only. But the background to this was of course what I had experienced when I opened the door and how it all was connected to Wasti Feldt’s prophecy and what Con Frangos had told me before I went to Sweden. Sven was, naturally, completely unaware of all of this.

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